MENA Restaurant Community
«Join the biggest restaurant community in the UAE. If we stick together, we'll overcome anything»
A Brief History of the MENA Restaurant Community
About us
The community founder Leo Dovbenko decided to bring all the UAE restaurant owners together during this difficult time caused by the negative impact of COVID-19 to identify problems of restaurateurs; identify assets; locate resources and analyze local power structures.

Knowledge of the above helps to be closer to each other to speed up the sharing of ideas, life hacks, and effective actions. The MENA Restaurateurs Community should work together to be heard by the government and survive during the crisis.
April 1
We created a chat room and simply wrote about it on Instagram
Leo, Owner Syrve MENA, Yalla!Hub, Yalla!Market
Hi, dear customers. My name is Leo. I am CEO of the Syrve MENA. I also have several branches of coffee shops and convenience stores Street Market. I understand very well what does the current situation mean for all of us. Your pains are my pains as well.
April 5
For four days, 240 people entered the community
April 6-11
We had a lot of heated discussions, after which decisions were made:
  • We have formed an initiative group.
  • We decided to make the community closed and validate each member - we don’t want to discuss important issues with unknown people. After this, 120 restaurant owners remained in the community.
April 12
We had our first community meeting
  • As a result, we formed teams on various issues that began to work on tasks
The main goals of the community
To work with the UAE government underlining restaurant operators concerns
To bring together many suppliers creating a network to assist restaurant operators
To exchange ideas and create an F&B think-tank for restaurant operators
To normalize the food app aggregators' commissions
To obtain a mutually beneficial lease agreement with landlords
Work collectively for the MENA Restaurant Community
How do we communicate?
Everyday we work hard to make the life of our clients better and happier. Communication is the foundation of our community. It is through communication between community members that incredible ideas are born.
  • We have chat
    on Telegram
    for easy conversations
What gives you entry into the community?
  • Resolve any issue in 15 minutes instead of days.
    How to make a website? Where are cheaper sources to buy products for a restaurant? How to arrange delivery? How to get benefits from the state? How to negotiate a landlord rental discount? How to share driver costs with a neighboring restaurant? You will be the first to know that checks are in progress in your area and you can prepare for them and much more!
  • Stop being alone in current circumstances.
    It’s not easy for everyone now. The community has the largest restaurant companies - market leaders. There are beginner restaurateurs. But, altogether, we are a single whole and together it is easier to experience difficulties. Every day, exchanging cases and hacks with other restaurateurs, you become stronger.
  • Get access to hundreds of ideas on how to earn more from all over the globe.
    The community publishes information about what is happening in other countries. For example, in San Francisco, the mayor legislatively limited the commission of aggregators during the crisis. Do you believe what is possible in UAE? We believe so. But for us to succeed, we must become bigger.
  • Save 10% of purchasing cost using special offers from suppliers to community.
    We are a community. There are a lot of us. Suppliers want us to make special conditions to help us survive. This saves real money.
Our vision
Restaurateurs are currently divided and communicate little with each other. We believe that one day, tens of thousands of restaurateurs from around the world will be united in a community in order to develop themselves, their restaurants, and the industry as a whole.
Only a valid market participant can join the community. You need to be the owner, CFO or CEO of the restaurant.
If you are not a restaurateur, but are very connected with this market - write to us. We approve the members of this group individually by voting.
Restaurant Community Open Meetings
Every two months, we convene general Large Circle Community Meetings to discuss the latest news and to report on what has been done. Also we provide opportunity to make a presentation and deliver a topic that is convulsing to each member.

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